Balanced Being Wholistic Services Inc.

Balance leads to harmony. Find your balance.


*You offer several types of modalities. Is one better than another?      

Not at all. It's really just a matter of appropriateness. Depending on what the client is concerned with, suggestions may be made toward a modality, but often the client naturally resonates to the modality that is perfect for them at that time.

*I've never heard of Reconnective is it different than Reiki? 

Based on three years of exclusive research by Dr. K. Korotkov PhD (author of Science Confirms Reconnective Energy), Reconnective Healing appears to be more comprehensive and expansive than Earth's more ancient energy healing modalities, such as Reiki & Qi Gong. This in no way implies the other ones are no longer beneficial, as they most certainly are. It only means that we are now able to access a broader spectrum of the energy bandwidth than before, because Earth's vibration supports the "newer" frequencies. 


*Can healing also take place with The Reconnection?

Yes, The Reconnection utilizes the same frequencies as those accessed in Reconnective Healing and many people report healings as a "bonus" from The Reconnection experience.