Balanced Being Wholistic Services Inc.

Balance leads to harmony. Find your balance.


                              About Audra



For over a decade Audra Littleton struggled with several physical and emotional challenges. Desperate to resolve these issues, she sought out modalities to support her own healing and spiritual expansion. After eradicating her poor health holistically, she founded Balanced Being Wholistic Services, Inc. as a way to share her acquired knowledge with others. 

Audra is a gifted and passionate instructor & facilitator of Energy Medicine, with extensive understanding in energy psychology. She is a Practitioner of both Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection (Dr. Eric Pearl), a Reiki Master Teacher, Access Consciousness Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner and a student of Healing Touch (Level III). She is also an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Instructor, EFT Practitioner, Law of Attraction Coach and Ho'oponopono Practitioner.

Audra has dedicated her life to seeking deep spiritual wisdom and appling her understanding in this modern world. She has studied under several mystery schools and continues to be a student of shamanism and occult mysticism. She hold a deep spiritual understanding that Life is governed by Divine Law and through the application of this law, one lives a truely blessed life. 

Audra's mission is to empower all who also wish to enrich their lives and become better versions of themselves. She considers it a privilege to walk the spiritual path with another and assist each individual in connecting to their own inner truth. By learning to listen to this "quiet voice" within, one gains new perspectives and make choices that benefit them in a deeper, more meaningful way. To Audra, her passion is to educate individuals on mastering their own life.