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         Upcoming Classes & Workshops

The following classes are open to the public and registration is handled through Kent County Parks & Recreation (

Classes also held at various locations throughout the year as well as offered privately.  

*Rates may vary* 


Guided Meditations

February 26th, 2020 for five weeks

Reg Fee $54

Guided meditations are highly effective in decreasing stress and releasing negative emotions or beliefs that keep us feeling "stuck" in our current patterns and dynamics. Through these mental journey's, you will be guided easily to a deep state of relaxation, where contemplation and reflection help you to incorporate new perspectives and acheive a more balanced state of being.This class is for all levels of experience, from the beginner to the seasoned, and you should expect each class to improve your practice from the last. Ample time for group discussions allowed. Experience the ease of meditation, meet like-minded people and improve the quality of your life!

Reiki I 

TBA 2020

Reg Fee $69

Reiki is a safe, simple and natural form of energy medicine. Anyone can learn and effectively preform Reiki, regardless of age, religion or cultural background. Reiki is a complete system for self-care that can address illness, relieve stress and increase relaxation. It also compliments traditional medical care and has been effective in helping virtually every illness, relieve unpleasant side effects and promote the body's natural ability to heal. In this class, students will learn the basic Reiki hand positions and techniques to balance the chakras, clear the body's energy field and increase overall levels of wellness. Students will participate in practice exercises designed to be used as self-treatments as well as for family and friends. Each student will receive the traditional Level 1 Attunements as well as a certificate for level 1 Reiki at the completion of the workshop. Wear comfortable clothes. Coursework provided. This is a wonderful class for parents as well as all caregivers. **APPROVED AS 4 ELECTIVE CREDITS FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION THROUGH DE BOARD OF MASSAGE & BODYWORK**

EFT for Everything

TBA 2020

Reg Fee $36

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or "Tapping", is the most influential and widely known Energy Psychology method in the world. There have been tens of thousands of cases where EFT proved successful, often times when traditional methods failed. When properly done, tapping on meridian pressure points while stating an affirmation allows the body's natural energy system to return to a balanced state, which reduces (or completely removes) the problem being addressed, often in less than twenty minutes. EFT can be used for virtually everything, including (but not limited to): emotional trauma, grief, weight loss, depression, addictions, fatigue, anger management, insomnia, sport's performance, child behavior, allergies, abundance, self esteem and more. Participants will learn the tapping sequence and standard affirmations in order to benefit from EFT right away.   Coursework provided.

Healing Touch Cof Delaware
Wilmington, DE
call 302-220-8962; advanced registration required

Make Your Miracle

TBA 2020

Reg Fee $46

2019 is a power year- a time for real change, real awakening to the power of possibilities! We’ve all heard “Happiness comes from within”, but with so many external factors imposing on our lives, how do we shift our focus from “out there” to “in here”? 

Based on Audra's book, 'Make Your Miracle', this workshop answers that question and more by bridging science and spirituality to finally make clear sense of the Law of Attraction and how it impacts our life. By applying just four practices, you can dramatically shift your life trajectory in ways you've never imagined.  Coursework provided. 

Reiki II

TBA 2020

Reg Fee $96

Reiki II expands on the foundation of Reiki I. At the completion of this class, students will be considered a Reiki Practitioner and be able to administer Reiki healing energy at a professional level, if they choose. We will discuss the relationship and responsibilities of both the healer and the client and touch on options for establishing a Reiki practice or adding it as a complimentary therapy. Students will receive the traditional Level II attunements and taught the first three Reiki symbols to be used during Reiki treatments. Students will also learn techniques for distance and surrogate healing, enhance their ability to feel energy frequencies and improve their multi-sensory skills. Ample practice time is allowed so students may "learn by doing". Wear comfortable clothes. Coursework provided. **APPROVED AS 6 ELECTIVE CREDITS FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION THROUGH DE BOARD OF MASSAGE & BODYWORK** 

Mystic Journaling 


Reg fee $54

Automatic writing is transcribing information that comes from ones own subconscious, or Higher Guidance. The practice of automatic writing often comforts, provides clarity and improves ones' over all mood. It can be a great way to gain insight and perspective in any area of ones life. This class includes a light meditation and attendants will experience how it feels to be "in the flow" while writing or typing.  

Summer 2020

Sound Bath Guided Meditations  


stay tuned...


Fall 2020

Drumming & Percussion Class


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Reiki One-Day Workshops 

These private workshops are not advertised to the general public (as in the classes above) and class size is kept smaller to allow more individualized instruction. Advanced registration is required & will be held in various locations (address given upon registration) per request. Course work & snacks provided. 

Reiki I: 3 hours, $125 (4 CE credits)

Reiki II: 4 hours, $175 (6 CE credits)

REIKI I & II combo: 5 hours, $250 (10 CE credits)

Reiki Master Teacher: 4+ hours, $325  


(The Reiki I & II classes are explained above)

In Reiki III, the student receives the Master Teacher attunements which opens them to the full spectrum of Reiki energy. The Reiki Master Teacher level is not just for students who would like to become teachers, but for anyone who wishes to continue their spiritual journey and be able to pass Reiki attuenments to others. Advanced energy techniques are taught at this level and students begin to perfect their skills in channeling the full spectrum of Reiki energy. Students are taught how and what to teach in Reiki I, II & III (should they choose), as well as how to pass attunements, clear DNA and preform intense, precise energy calibrations. If the student chooses, they will also become energetically wired into the crystal core of the planet, allowing them to channel frequencies normally outside their ability. Quantum information on various aspects of the spiritual path is also introduced, laying the foundation for students to move into their own life mastery. At the completion of this intense workshop, the student will be considered a Reiki Master Teacher and certification will be provided.