Balanced Being Wholistic Services Inc.

Balance leads to harmony. Find your balance.

Flower Essences

~Purified water. Flower Essence. Top Shelf Brandy.~


Assists in releasing old thought patterns & deep emotional wounds; reconnects to authentic self
Pink Azaela

Assists in releasing fears & self-doubt in speaking one’s truth; cultivates self- expression, acceptance & love

Assists in releasing painful past traumas; rejuvenates, uplifts & floods body with vitality & joy.

Assists in releasing tension, anger & anxiety; cultivates natural balance & flow of life

Assists in releasing feelings of guilt, failure & insecurity; aids in moving forward with strong self-confidence

Red Rose

Cools hot tempers and releases judgmental tendencies. Magnifies the unconditional Divine Love within, strengthening compassion for all.

Star of Bethlehem

Supremely comforting for serious distress such as PTSD, anxiety disorder & OCD. Releases blocks, suppressions & compartmentalization of painful memories for complete healing.

White Clover

Encourages detachment & acceptance; releases the need to control. Brings forth unity, peace & strength.  

Roman Chamomile

Eases moodiness & irrability; helps to release emotional tension & imbalances; promotes sunny disposition & ease. 


Assits in releieving depression & negative thought patterns; uplifts, brings clarity & welcoming of positive change. 

St. Johns Wort

Assists in facing the darkness within, in order to assimilate awareness. Breaks the habit of always expecting the worst. 

Suggested use:
5-7 drops in water or under tongue throughout day, or as inspired.