Balanced Being Wholistic Services Inc.

Balance leads to harmony. Find your balance.




Generally, sessions are a combination of two or more of the following modalities, addressing what is in the client's best interest at the time of appointment.

With the exception of The Reconnection, session rate is ninety dollars ($90) & appx 45-60 minutes in length.

(Please see "Special Rates" for current discounts and incentives)


*The Personal Reconnection is at the rate of $333.

*Distance appointment rates are listed at the bottom of the page. 


*Spiritual Life Coaching


Beyond merely conveying spiritual principles, the purpose of Spiritual Life Coaching is to assist the client in using Life as their teacher and to recognize their own inherent nature so that they can easily transition into a consistent state of empowerment. This recognition, along with nurturing the connection to their Inner Guidance and physical Body, can assist the client in living in a harmonious state with the world around them, regardless of what conflicts, stresses or hardships may occur. 


*Quantum Clearings  

This modality focuses on pinpointing & removing energetic Heart Walls, inherited emotions, psychic traumas, trapped emotions and other internal imbalances within the body, field and DNA. Removal of energies that aren't in resonance with the client's Being, as well as integration of supressed emotions, typically from childhood, assists in bringing the Body back into a state of balance. 


*Intergrated Energy Therapy 

This wonderful hands-on energy modality was developed by Stevan Thayer, author of Interview With an Angel. The objective of IET is to provide a simple and gentle way to open the flow of vital life force within the human body, thereby releasing suppressed feelings within the cellular memory, clearing associated blockages, balancing and re-energizing the field in the human body. IET uses the violet angelic ray to work directly with your 12-strand Spiritual DNA. This modality is very powerful and anchored in the spiritual realm of angelic energy.


*Access Consciousness (The Bars) 

A gentle therapy of light touch upon 32 points/bars that run through and around your head connecting energetically to different aspects of your life. This simple "delete" process focuses on removing limiting thoughts and beliefs from the subconscious mind, thereby allowing the true you, the unlimited you, to easily become conscious. A great modality to embracing your Authentic Self. 


*Full Chakra System Restoration

Chakras are energy centers located all throughout the Body and function as an entire system throughout all levels of one's Being. Systematic clearing, balancing and calibrating the entire chakra system, which interacts with the whole Body, is neccessary with today's hectic lifestyle. Special intention is placed on removing energy implants within the chakra system, which causes major distortions in accurately percieving the one's world around them. This technique was shared with Audra by her non-physical Teachers, and this is understood as the same mystical removing of the "seven demons" Jesus preformed for Mary Magdelene and others, "demons" actually referring to lower vibrational energy implants. 

*Energy Calibrations

Whatever the intention, there is literally an "app" for that. Everything is just energy, so to bring about deep levels of awareness and healing, setting the appropriate intention and channeling the appropriate frequency is all that is required. However, depending on the complexity of intention or severity of condition, certain energy frequencies (or "codes") are outside the realm of what a human body can normally channel. Through Audra's own awareness, she made the conscious decision to allow her Hara Line to be energetically tied to the crystal core of the planet, enabling her to easily connect and channel frequencies otherwise outside her human ability. She has also facilitated others to become, what she has referred to as "lightening rods", so that they may also assist others as well as the planet during these transitional times of physical reality.   

*Reconnective Healing

A completely "hands-off" energy healing modality, discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl,  where the client becomes "connected" to highly palpable & intense Reconnective Energies, which "knows" where to go, what to affect and continue to work long after your visit has ended. The energies work on DNA and the effects of a healing session may be felt on the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels days after the session ends.  


*The Reconnection  

two 40 minutes sessions 

The Reconnection is a two-session attunement process that connects us to a deeper, vaster, infinite part of our Self, known as the Unity Grid.

During The Reconnection, unique energies are used to connect 114 points and axitonal lines back to the Unity Grid. Axitonal Lines, composed of light and sound, exist on the 5th dimensional etheric template, separate from the physical body but coordinating with the meridian system. These lines were “cut” in humans to allow us the experience/illusion of separation. It is our free will choice to be connected back to All That Is.

 A once-in-a-lifetime process, The Reconnection is understood as an electromagnetic boost to your DNA & energy biofields. Though it only takes two sessions, it initiates a lifetime of changes as you transition from the dualistic 3-D Grid to the Unity Consciousness Grid.

As your 5th dimensional light body structure becomes “online”, your awareness expands and a vast amount of “newness” is drawn to your reality: new experiences, new opportunities, new people, new locations and new understanding.  Otherwise unexplainable “healings” are also reported regularly.  


                      ~Distant Services~

Many clients live in other states and frequent travel isn't always an option. All modalities offered (except The Reconnection) can be done in person or over distance. For distant healing modalities with client not present, the rates are as follows:


~Distance Healing Session with Phone Mentoring (not to exceed 45 minutes): $45 per session

~Clearing emotional charges from DNA, Body & Fields and distant energy calibrations (no phone followup): 

           *Single session (removes up to ten emotions): $25

       *Six sessions (removes all sixty "major" emotions over a     period of tweleve days): $145


~A comprehensive report is included with each option for adults, children & animals.